💥🎯[PDF] Ghatna Chakra GS POINTER 2021 GS Pointer Ancient and Medieval History PDF

💥🎯Ghatna Chakra GS POINTER 2021 Ancient and Medieval HISTORY (PART 1) 🎯

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Today We Provide you Ghatna Chakra GS POINTER of Ancient and Medieval History PDF Ebook. Which is Very Useful for Competitions Exams like SSC, RAILWAY, PCS, IAS, RAS etc. 

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Ghatna Chakra History ebook gs pointer pdf free

This File Contents the Following Topics below

Ancient history Period :

  1. The Pre  Historic Period
  2.  Indus Valley Civilization 
  3.  The Vedic Period: the Aryans
  4. The Emergence of Kingdoms or Mahajanpadas 
  5. Growth of Jainism and Buddhism
  6. Magadha Empire
  7. Persian and Macedonian invasions
  8. The Mauryan Empire
  9.  Post – Mauryan Period
  10.  The Gupta Dynasty
  11. Rise of Feudalism in India
  12. The Vardhanas 
  13. The Rajputs 
  14. The Southern Dynasties 
Medieval History Period :

  1. The Coming of Islam
  2. The Mughal Dynasty
  3.  Regional Powers during Mughal Period
 The Modern History  [Download

  1. The Coming of The Europeans
  2. British East India Company And The British Rule
  3.  Social And Religious Movements In The 19th Century 
  4. Viceroys of India
  5.  Indian Freedom Struggle
  6.  British Rule After The 1857 Revolt
  7.  Government of India Act, 1858
  8. Administrative, Social And Judicial System After 1858
  9. Rise of Nationalism
  10.  Indian National Congress
  11.  The Early Phase of Freedom Struggle
  12.  Middle Phase Of The Freedom Struggle 
  13.  Closer To Freedom
  14.  Indian Wins Freedom

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