[लेखपाल] Top Geography Questions for UPSSSC LEKHPAL

Top Geography Questions for UPSSSC LEKHPAL

[लेखपाल] Top Geography Questions for UPSSSC LEKHPAL

Top Geography Questions 
UPSSSC Lekhpal Questions 
UPSSSC Question Paper 
Important Questions for UPSSSC lekhpal 

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The correct matching of center and minerals is – Makum – Coal, Dallirajhara – Iron Ore, Koraput – Bauxite, Chitradurga – Manganese

 The correct order of copper, gold, iron, coal is – Khetri-Kolar-Kudremukh-Jharia

 The state which has almost monopoly in the production of chromite – Odisha

 Granite slabs and slates are made in – Lalitpur

 Diamond mines are located in India – in Madhya Pradesh

 The district in which large deposits of diamond-rich kimberlite have been found- Raipur

 The metals found in Sonbhadra district are – Andalusite, Pyrite, Dolomite

 Substances are found in the coastal sand of many parts of Kerala, they are – ilmeni, zircon, sillimanite

 The atomic mineral found on the coast of Kerala is – monazite

 Monazite of Kerala is found in sand – Uranium

 Jaduguda is famous for – Uranium

 The naturally occurring minerals in the state of Chhattisgarh are- bauxite, dolomite, iron ore, tin

 The resource in which Chota Nagpur plateau is rich is- Minerals

 Most salt is produced in India- Gujarat

 UDAN is a gas based power project in – Maharashtra

 The largest share of energy production in India is – thermal energy

 The correct order of the share of energy sources in the power segment in India is – thermal – hydro – air/wind – molecular

 National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPT) has established Super Thermal Power Generation Center in West Bengal at – Farakka

 The Neyveli thermal power plant is fed by – – Tertiary Coal (Lignite)

 Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Station is located in – Andhra Pradesh

 The country with whose cooperation the Obra thermal power station was established – Russia

 The thermal power station of Bokaro is located in – Jharkhand

 The first nuclear power station in India was established in – Tarapur

 The percentage of nuclear energy in the total energy generated in India by the year 2016 was – 3.38 percent (The percentage of nuclear energy is 2.1 percent as of November, 2017).

 The important nuclear fuel available in abundance in India is – Thorium

 Nuclear power is a combination of centers and states – Kota – Rajasthan, Tarapur – Maharashtra, Kakrapar – Gujarat, Narora – Uttar Pradesh

 The matching of atomic plants and their commissioning years is – Kota – 1973, Kakrapar – 1993, Kaiga – 2000, Kalpakkam – 1984

 Nuclear Power Plant / Gurujal Plant and the states are – Thal – Maharashtra, Managuru – Telangana, Kaiga – Karnataka, Muppandal – Tamil Nadu

 Russia has agreed to set up 6 units of nuclear reactors in Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu.

 Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant is being set up in – Tamil Nadu

 India is building its 25th nuclear power plant in – Rawatbhata (Rajasthan)

 India's twentieth nuclear power station is – Kaiga (Karnataka)

 Heavy water plant for nuclear power is established in – Hazira, Baroda, Kota, Manguru, Thal etc.

 'Mithi-Virdi' nuclear power plant will be set up - USA. with the support of

 Anushakti Vidyut Nigam Limited is a joint venture between Atomic Energy Corporation of India and NTPC. NS

 Koyna hydroelectric power station is located in – Maharashtra

 Powerhouse is established on Rana Pratap – in Kota

 Among the thermal power plants, wind power plants, hydroelectric power plants and nuclear power plants, Satara of Maharashtra is famous for – wind power plant

 Places first in the production of wind energy – Tamil Nadu

 With respect to energy production and consumption in India, the statement is correct – The contribution of the total commercial energy sources produced in India is more than about 14 percent.

 Asia's largest wind power project with a capacity of 150 MW among the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka is located in – Tamil Nadu (currently a 1100 MW wind power unit built by Suzlan Group in Kutch, Gujarat) Asia's largest unit)

 The major area of ​​tidal energy production in India is- Gulf of Cambay

 Tidal energy has the most potential in India – in Bhavnagar (Gujarat)

 MMTC belongs to the field of power generation out of MTNL, NCL and NHPC – NHPC

 The per capita primary energy consumption in India in the year 2014-15 was – 423.5 kg. Equivalent to oil (17731 megajoules)

 Rampura, the first village in India to set up its own solar power plant, is located in – Uttar Pradesh

 Manikaran power plant based on geothermal energy is located in – Himachal Pradesh

 Out of petroleum, nuclear power, natural gas and biogas, the commercial source of energy is not – Biogas

 Renewable energy resources are – wind energy, water energy, sun energy, earth energy

 Stainless steel is an alloy of – iron, chromium and nickel

 The important metal used with iron in making stainless steel is – Chromium

 Some iron and steel plants in India have been organized through the west coast. The main reason for such locational migration of this industry is the availability of best grade iron ore deposits in Goa and some parts of Madhya Pradesh and comparative convenience of steel exports from this region.

 The steel production industry in India requires import of - Coking Coal

 The 'TISCO' plant is located- near Tatanagar

 Rourkela Steel Plant was established in collaboration with – Germany

 Bhilai Steel Plant is a joint venture between the Government of Russia and India.

 Among the tea, jute, iron and steel and sugar industries, the industry that earns the most foreign exchange for India - Iron and steel industry

 Iron ore is supplied to Rourkela Steel Plant from – Keonjhar

 The group of steel factories in India that were set up after independence (in the Second Five Year Plan)- Bhilai, Durgapur and Rourkela

 Importance of Korba in Chhattisgarh due to aluminum industry

 Telco company is related to – Automobiles

 The correct matching of the company and their location is – BALCO-KORBA, HINDALCO – PIPRI (RENUKOOT), NALCO – BHUBANESWAR, HCL. - Khetri, Indian Aluminium - Hirakud, National Aluminum - Koraput

 The oldest industry of India is - Cotton textile

 Masuria Sari is related to – Kota district

 Bharat Electronics Limited is established in Uttar Pradesh – in Ghaziabad

 Chunar is famous for – Cement industry

 According to the data of Indian Mineral Book, 2015, India's rank in cement production in the world is – 2nd

 The main constituent of cement out of gypsum, limestone, ash and matipar is – Limestone

 Dalmia Nagar is famous in Bihar for – Cement

 Famous for pesticide industry in Madhya Pradesh- Bhopal

 In India, the rubber industry is located in Panjim, Bangalore, Puducherry and Aurangabad industrial areas – in Panjim

 Industry in Pipri (Uttar Pradesh) is – Hydropower

 India's first fertilizer factory is located in – Phulpur (Uttar Pradesh)

 India's largest petro-chemical factory is located in- Gujarat

 The year of establishment of Steel Authority of India is- 1974

 Most paper mills in India are located in – Gujarat

 The first cotton textile factory started in 1818 AD – in Fortglaster in West Bengal

 The first cotton mill (cotton textile industry) in India was established in – Calcutta

 'Diamond Parks'- These are industrial centers which have been created to encourage the manufacture and export of diamonds, synthetic gems and jewellery.

 The hosiery industry in Punjab is famous for – Ludhiana

 The industry which is the largest consumer of water in India- Thermal power

 The largest center for the production of petro-chemicals in the country is located in- Jamnagar

 Famous for the production of traditional sarees/textiles are- Chanderi and Kancheepuram

 The status of 'Geographical Indication' has been given out of Banarasi Zari and Sarees, Rajasthani Dal-Bati-Churma and Tirupati Laddu - Banarasi Zari and Sarees and Tirupati Laddu

 Sivakasi Industrial Area is located in – Tamil Nadu

 Sivakasi center in India is located in – Madurai-Coimbatore-Bangalore Industrial Region

 Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh is known for – Automobiles

 In 1988, India established the second scientific research center 'Maitri' on the continent of Antarctica. Research work in this research center is – Research in the field of marine biology

 The name by which the foundation stone of the third Indian research center in Antarctica was laid is- Bharati

 Known as 'Dakshin Gangotri' - India's first Antarctic research center

 International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) is located in – Hyderabad

 The Central Research on Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA) is located in – Hyderabad

 Central Institute of Arid Horticulture is located in – Bikaner

 National Academy of Agricultural Research Management is located in – Hyderabad

 The 'National Agricultural Marketing Institute' is located in – Jaipur

 The University of Horticulture and Forestry is located in – Solan

 Central Food Technological Research Institute is located in – Mysore

 The correct matching is – National Environmental Engineering Research Institute – Nagpur, Central Food Technological Research Institute – Mysore, Central Potato Research Institute – Shimla, Central Tobacco Research Institute – Rajahmundry

 National Research Center for Agro-Forestry is located in – Jhansi

 Research and development work on the tools and machines used in the fields is being done by the 'Central Institute of Engineering', which is located in- Bhopal

 Indian Rice Shogh-Institute is located in – Cuttack

 National Dairy Research Institute is located in – Karnal

 Indian Pulses Research Institute is located in – Kanpur

 Indian Herbal Research Institute is located in – Varanasi

 Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture is located in – Lucknow

 The headquarter of 'Indian Bureau of Mines' is located in- Nagpur

 Central Mining Research Institute is located in – Nagpur

 Indian Diamond Institute is established in – Surat

 National Milk Development Board is located in- Anand

 The correct matching is – National Sugar Institute – Kanpur, Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited – Hyderabad, Military Law Institute – Kamti, National Institute of Integrity – Pune

 'Indian Sugarcane Research Institute' is located in- Lucknow

 The correct matching is – Central Paddy Research Institute – Cuttack Directorate of Agricultural Systems Research – Meerut, Indian Institute of Soil Science – Bhopal, National Research Center for Agro-forestry – Jhansi

 The 'National Atlas and Thematic Map Organisation' is located in – Kolkata

 National Museum of Natural History in India is established in – New Delhi, Mysore, Bhopal and Bhubaneswar

 The correct matching is – C.S.S.R.I. – Karnal, CTCRI. – Trivadrum, I.R. R. I. – Manila, C.A.Z.R.I. - Jodhpur

 Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine and Storage is located in – Faridabad

 The correct matching is – Indian Sugarcane Research Institute – Lucknow, National Plant Genetics Research Bureau – New Delhi, National Plant Protection Training Institute – Hyderabad, Directorate of Wheat Research – Karnal

 National Center for Organic Farming (NCOF) is located in – Ghaziabad

 In India, the share of road traffic in the total traffic of the country is – 80 percent

 The total national highways in India and their total length is about – more than 250 and 100087 km respectively.

 The longest National Highway of India is- National Highway

 National Route No.4 passes through – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu

 The state in which the maximum length of national highways is found - Uttar Pradesh

 The state of India in which the total length of the provincial highways is maximum - Maharashtra

 The Golden Quadrilateral project is related to the development of highway

 India's Golden Quadrilateral project connects – Delhi – Mumbai – Chennai – Kolkata

 'Pradhan Mantri Bharat Jodo Project' is related to the development of highways

 Two National Highways- Kanyakumari-Srinagar Highway and Porbandar-Silchar Highway, which are being constructed under the National Highway Development Project, will meet each other in – Jhansi

 The order of the cities on the North-South Corridor from north to south is – Agra, Gwalior, Nagpur, Krishnagiri

 6 paths in Maharashtra are connected by express routes – Mumbai and Pune

 The city out of Agra, Bhopal, Dhule and Gwalior which is not connected by National Highway 3 – Bhopal

 The Prime Minister's Gram Sadak Yojana is – for the development of community life in those villages which are not well connected by road.

 of Indian states per 100 The correct sequence in descending order of the length of their surface routes in the region is – Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Haryana

 The correct statements are – National Highways meet about 40 percent of the entire road transport requirement, National Highway No. 7 is the largest highway in the country.

The number of National Highways from Amritsar to Delhi via Kolkata is – 2

 40 percent of India's road transport is by – National Highways

 The national highway which has the longest length in Madhya Pradesh- NH-3 Agra-Gwalior-Dewas-Mumbai

 The correct statement regarding National Highway Project is – It connects Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, its total length is 5846 km. Is. North-South Corridor – Srinagar to Kanyakumari, East-West Corridor – Silchar to Porbandar

 'Jawahar Tunnel' passes through - Barihal Pass

 The first railroad in India was built in 1853

 India's first railway line was built- between Mumbai-Thane in 1853

 The distance between two tracks of a 'big line' is – 51/2 feet

 The shortest distance route from Gorakhpur to Mumbai by train is – Via Allahabad

 There is a plan to run a bullet-train by the Ministry of Railways of India, between Mumbai-Ahmedabad

 The correct matching is – North-Eastern Railway – Gorakhpur, South-Eastern Railway – Kolkata, Eastern Railway – Kolkata, South-East Central Railway – Bilaspur

 The true statements are – The headquarter of North-Western Railway is located in Jaipur. The Fairy Queen is the world's oldest running locomotive and organizes trips to wildlife and heritage sites by the Indian Railways.

 The zone headquarter of the railway - Hajipur is located in – Bihar

 The headquarters of the North-Central Railway Zone (Zone) is located in – Allahabad

 Diesel locomotives are made in – Maduwadih

 The state where passenger rail coaches are manufactured in large quantities – Punjab and Tamil Nadu

 Railway Staff College is located in – Baroda

 Sal wood is mostly used in the industry of making railway sleepers.

 Third Rail Coach Factory is being established in – Rae Bareli

 The railway section where the first C.N.G. The train has been built – Gujarat

 Konkan Railway connects – Roha to Mangalore

 The states most benefited by Konkan Railway are Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala

 Belgaum, Margao, Ratnagiri and Udapi are not connected by the Konkan rail route?- Belgaum

 Those two railway stations, which have been recognized by UNESCO as a heritage railway line connecting them - Siliguri and Darjeeling

 The state in India which is deprived of rail service - Sikkim

 The correct descending order of railway tunnels in length is – Pir Panjal, Karbud, Nathuwadi, Bardewadi

 Out of the Malabar, Konkan, Coromandel and Northern Government coasts, 'Kochi Port' is related to- Malabar Coast

 The largest shipyard in India is – Kochi (Cochin)

 The main tidal ports of India are- Kolkata and Kandla

 Kandla port which is a natural harbor is located in- Gulf of Kutch (East Coast)

 The deepest port of India is- Visakhapatnam

 The ports which were developed for the development of Paradip are- Kolkata-Visakhapatnam

 Paradip port is located in – Odisha state

 Marmugao port is located in – Goa

 India's largest import cargo and export shipping - Kandla port

 Artificial port in India is – Chennai and Tuticorin

 The port city of Andhra Pradesh is – Kakinada

 Port where LNG There is no terminal, that is – Kandla

 The place where three crescent-shaped beaches meet - Kanyakumari

 The length of the shipping canal in the Sethusamudram project is – 167 km

 The Sethusamudram project, which connects them are- Gulf of Mannar and Palk Gulf

 The state will be the most benefited by the promotion of Krishnapatnam port – Andhra Pradesh

 The largest port of India is – in Mumbai

 That part of the Ganges river, which has been declared as a national waterway - from Allahabad to Haldia

 The longest internal waterway of the country is – Allahabad – Haldia

 The national waterway that connects Kottapuram and Kollam - Kerala Coastal Canal Waterway

 National Institute of Inland Shipping (NINI) is located in – Patna

 India's twelfth major coal handling port is developing – near Chennai (in Ennore)

 Out of Jamnagar, Okha, Porbandar and Beraval the port town of Gujarat is not – Jamnagar

 India's open sea port is – Chennai

 India's open sea port is – Chennai

 A special example of 'outer port' in India is- Haldia

 The first airport in India to be owned by a public limited company is – Cochin Airport

 The port of Daman, Janjira, Karaikal and Ratnagiri which is not located on the west coast of India - Karaikal port

 India's largest ship breaking yard is located in – Alang (Bhavnagar in Gujarat)

 The port which was constructed to reduce the pressure of the present Mumbai port is- Nhavasheva (JLN Port)

 The state in which the possibility of construction of an artificial inland port to be connected to the sea by a long navigational channel has been explored – in Rajasthan

 In India it is called 'Pink City' - Jaipur

 In India it is called 'City of Lakes' - Udaipur

 The temple of Lord Ranganatha (also known as Lord Venkatesh) of South India is situated at – Biligiri Ranga Hill

 The concept popularized by the Indian Ministry of Tourism to encourage tourism in India is – Incredible India

 Sabarimala is located in – Kerala State

 The destroyed cities (ghost towns) of India are – Kuldhara, Dhanushkodi and Lakhpat Nagar

 Places of pilgrimage and their location – Srisailam – Nallamala hills, Omkareshwar – Mandhata hills, Pushkar – Aravalli

 The plant which can give both power and fertilizer – Biogas plant

 In order to compete with the 'Courier Service', the Indian Postal Department started 'Fast Postal Service'- in 1986

 The country in the world which is the second largest producer and consumer of nitrogenous fertilizers - India

 Locusts enter India – From Pakistan

 The correct matching is – Sriharikota – Andhra Pradesh, Thumba – Kerala, Bhabha Atomic Research Center – Mumbai, Pokhran – Rajasthan

 The most important reason for the establishment of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center in Thumba is the location of Thumba on the geomagnetic equator.

 'The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute' is located in- Darjeeling

 The headquarter of Cairn (CAIRN) Energy is in – Scotland

 The correct matching is – Rameshwaram – Tamil Nadu, Dwarka – Gujarat, Sarnath – Uttar Pradesh, Mahakal Temple – Madhya Pradesh

 Diamond Harbor and Salt Lake City are located in – Kolkata

 Dindigul is the name of a Negar in Tamil Nadu.

 The goal of Green Highway is – Plantation

 Famous for brass utensils in India- Moradabad (U.P.)

 The area called 'Jungle Mahal' is located in – West Bengal

 The name of India's first nuclear reactor is- Apsara

 The first telephone was introduced in India in – in 1850

 Telegraph service was first started in India between Calcutta and Diamond Harbor

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