💥All Important Days of May 2020💥

 📮All Important Days of May 2020📮

◼🚴‍♀May 1

🏌‍♀ International Labours Day

🏌‍♀ Gujarat Day and Maharastra Day statehood Day

◼🚴‍♀May 2

🏌‍♀World Tuna Day


◼🚴‍♀May 3

🏌‍♀ World Press Freedom Day 

🍒Theme:  Journalism without Fear or Favour

🏌‍♀1st Sunday of May (May 3) — World Laughter Day 

🏌‍♀International Dawn Chorus Day (first Sunday in May )

◼🚴‍♀May 4

🏌‍♀ International Fire Fighters Day

🏌‍♀Coal Miners Day

◼🚴‍♀May 5

🏌‍♀ International Midwife Day

Theme: Midwives with women: Celebrate, demonstrate, mobilise, unite - our time is NOW

🏌‍♀World Hand Hygiene Day

1st Tuesday of May — (May 5) 🏌‍♀World Asthma Day 

Theme: Enough Asthma Deaths

◼🚴‍♀May 6

🏌‍♀International No Diet Day

◼🚴‍♀May 7 

🏌‍♀61st Raising Day of Border Roads Organisation

🏌‍♀ World Athletics Day

🏌‍♀World Vekas Day

◼🚴‍♀  May 8

🏌‍♀World Red Cross Red Cresent Day

🍒Theme: Keep Clapping for the Volunteers, Staff and everyone responding to Covid-19

🏌‍♀World Thalassaemia Day 

Theme: The Dawning of the New Era for Thalassaemia

❄2nd Saturday of May & October (May 9)

World Migratory Bird Day  

Theme: Birds Connect Our World

◼🚴‍♀May 11

🏌‍♀National Technology Day

🍒Theme: Rebooting the economy through science and technology

◼🚴‍♀May 12

🏌‍♀ International Nurses Day 

🍒Theme:  Nurses: A voice to lead- Nursing the World to Health

◼🚴‍♀May 15

🏌‍♀International Day of Families

Theme: Families in Development Copenhagen & Beijing +25

🏌‍♀May 15 — 3rd Friday on May National Endangered Species Day 

◼🚴‍♀May 16

🏌‍♀ International Day of Light 

🏌‍♀International Day of Living Together in Peace

🏌‍♀Sikkim 45th Statehood Day

◼🚴‍♀May 17

🏌‍♀ World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

🍒Theme: Connect 2030: ICTs for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

🏌‍♀World Hypertension Day 

🍒Theme: Measure your Blood Pressure, Control it, Live Longer

◼🚴‍♀May 18

🏌‍♀ International Museum Day 

Theme: “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”

🏌‍♀May 18 — World AIDS Vaccine Day / HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

◼🚴‍♀May 20

🏌‍♀ World Bee Day

Theme: 'Bee Engaged'

 🏌‍♀World Metrology Day

Theme: Measurements for Global Trade

◼🚴‍♀21 MAY

🏌‍♀National Terriosm Day

🏌‍♀ International Tea Day

🏌‍♀World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

◼🚴‍♀ 22MAY

🏃‍♂International Day for Biological Diversity

(Theme:- Our solution are in Nature)

◼🚴‍♀ 23 May

🏃‍♂ World Turtle Day

🏃‍♂International day to End Obstetric Fistula

(theme:- End Gender inequality !End health inequality! End Fistula Now!)

◼🚴‍♀ 24 May

 International Commonwealth Day

(Theme :- Delivering a common Future Connecting Innovating Transforming)

◼🚴‍♀ 25 May

☃ World THYROID Day 

☃ International Missing Children's Day 2020

◼🚴‍♀28 MAY

☃ Veer Savarkar Jayanti

☃ World Menstrual Hygiene Day

☃World Hunger Day

☃ Nepal Republic Day


🤽‍♂International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

(Theme :- Women in Peacekeeping A key to peace)

🤽‍♂World Health Digestive Day 

(Theme :- Cut Microbiome A global Perspective)

🤽‍♂ International Everest Day

◼🚴‍♀30 MAY

🤽‍♀ Goa Statehood Day

🤽‍♀ Hindi Journalism Day

🤽‍♀ World Vape Day

◼🚴‍♀31 May

✨ World No Tabacco Day 

( Theme :- Protecting Youth From Industry Manipulation And Preventing Them From Tabacco And nicotine use)

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